Food Network Addiction

In college, friends and I watched the Food Network occasionally–specials about how doughnuts are made, etc.  It always made us hungry though, so we had to be careful to limit our viewing to hours that the dining hall was open or we had access to a great local doughnut shop. 

These days, Scott and I are more frequent Food Network viewers.  Let’s see, we watch Giada and The Pioneer Woman.  We just started watching The Next Food Network Star, and we’ve watched Master Chef for a few seasons now.  Granted, Master Chef isn’t on the Food Network.  It still counts though, since it’s a food-centric show.

And we can’t stop ourselves.  They created a new Bobby Flay show?!  We should record that!

photo from
photo from

Do you know why we can’t stop ourselves?  Because in the very first episode, we learned how to make amazing fish tacos.  Truly amazing.  The fish was crusty and spicy on the outside, flaky and perfectly cooked on the inside. 

photo from
(Toppings!!!!!!) photo from

You thought that recipe title for banana muffins was wordy?  Check out this one: Grilled Fish Tacos with Avocado Relish, Smoky Tomato-Greek Yogurt Crema and Red Cabbage-Citrus Slaw.  We did omit the slaw for the sake of time and keeping our ingredient list reasonable.  It was a really big success.  I think it would work well for a party, too, since you could make the toppings a bit ahead of time and just leave the brief grilling-o’-fish for last-minute prep.  Thanks, Bobby.  Thanks, Food Network!

P.S.  Just realized that Bobby’s show has actually been around for a few years.  Oops.  We just saw an ad for it for the first time.  It’s still awesome, even if it’s only new to us.

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