Proudly Presenting, Farm Animal Stress Balls

We had a party at the library today for participants in the Adult Summer Reading Program.  There was really delicious homemade cake (with decorations, no less), so naturally that was my favorite part of the event. 

My second favorite element surprised me, however.  It wasn’t the good conversation about books and book characters that we all discovered this summer.  That really should have been my favorite part.  A good book talk would be a highlight for me on most days. 

But this time the second runner up of fun came through our least expensive prize.  We handed out animal-shaped stress balls as part of the prize collection, and they were a huge hit.  Two little kids rolled them around the room like crazy, and they were hopping and rolling and hopping some more (mostly the stress balls, a little bit the kids).

photo from
photo from

I saw those kids chasing their bouncing sheep, and they looked entirely happy.  It was nice, plain and simple.

Oh, and while I have your attention, does anyone know what type of animal is at the top of that pyramid?  Or at the bottom left?  We couldn’t decide.  I’m voting horse on top, no idea on the bottom left.  Goat?  Bear?  Deer?  And if it’s a bear, how many farms have their own bears hanging around???

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  1. Heidi says:

    Horse on top. I think Dog on bottom left.

    1. Sorry that I didn’t respond for so long! I like the horse analysis, but I’m not totally sold on dog yet. It would make more sense than a bear, however.

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