Of Baseboards and Mondays

Please forgive me for the forthcoming post.  It’s just a Monday, you know?  It’s ordinary, and I’ll be at work for a huge chunk of the day, and that’s that.  If that’s all you can stand to read about Monday, I humbly suggest that you skip ahead to the last paragraph.  Laughs await via the link.  If you can handle a few extra Monday details, by all means read on.

First, I’m going to be prepping our baseboards for paint tonight, with means that I need this tutorial video:

[I wasn’t really planning to watch that video.  I was just planning to add it in case you’re dying to know how to prep your baseboards for paint.  But I did watch it, and I feel much more prepared for the evening.  Thanks, paint people.]

And now that we have floors we care about, life is going to have to change a bit.  Before, my theory was, “This floor is getting ripped out soon.  Who cares!”  That philosophy worked for lots of things–not cleaning the kitchen carefully, not using dropcloths when I painted the dining room, not being careful with Peanut’s water bowl, and you get the idea.  Now that we have floors installed mostly by Scott, partially by his dad and me, lovingly supervised by Peanut and Duck, we have to care.  I’m definitely going to have to reacquaint myself with my Swiffer wiper upper thing. 


Since we care, I’m also in the market for a larger mat to go in front of the stove and sink.  Thinking something along these lines:

photo from garnethill.com
photo from garnethill.com


If you are leaving this post sadly unentertained, might I recommend another good blog for your laughing pleasure?  I recently ran into “I work at a public library.”  Because I do work at a public library, I love the site.  It’s just funny to hear the random/bizarre/hilarious questions that other librarians get every day.  I think you’ll like it even if you don’t work at a public library.  Welcome to my work world.

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