Hank the Ballpark Pup and Other Things Baseball

Since the Thursday night baseball game did in fact get postponed because of rain, we had some spare time at the ballpark.  Part of that was filled by a grown man using the infield tarp as a slip-n-slide.  Good stuff.  Part of the time was used for YouTube.  Naturally.

I learned lots of fun things thanks to Scott and YouTube.  Here are my three favorite baseball-related discoveries:

1) There are regular Sausage Races at Miller Park baseball games.  Awesome.

2) The Brewers not only have a Sausage Race, they also have a dog that they adopted.  His name is Hank after Hank Aaron, and they found him injured during Spring Training and decided to keep him.  Hank runs in the Sausage Race sometimes, too.

3) The Nationals have a Presidential Race instead of a Sausage Race.  It’s also pretty fantastic.

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