Ribs and Floors (Common thread: Peanut eating ribs on the floor)

Scott did more good work yesterday while I was handing out books at the library.  Check out those beautiful floors that were under our laminate:

photoBeautiful and clean, right?  There was also some rust-colored shag carpet along the edge of the wall in the living room.  It made me really grateful for changes in flooring trends.  I will admit that I think the pattern left behind under all of the other flooring is kind of pretty (no sarcasm this time).

photo-1Still not clean, however, so good thing we have hardwood flooring to put on top of that.  Peanut didn’t seem to mind the unsanitary nature of our floors last night.  As you might have guessed by the title, he chowed down on a rib bone after our dinner, which was another fine Scott showing–Chinese-Style Beer Spareribs from the Brooklyn Brew Shop.photo-2

It’s fun to have Scott in the cooking rotation right now, because I’ve discovered that he and I pick very different recipes.  I wouldn’t ever look for a spareribs recipe, but if they’re going to show up on my plate at dinner, I’m going to enjoy them a lot.  Scott said this was the most successful rib recipe he’s ever used, so that was enough recommendation for me (in addition to the taste, which was fantastic).  Try it.  You’ll like it.

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