Summer Mystery Squash

Do you remember our mystery squash?  It looked kind of like an overgrown something or other for a while (zucchini?), then it rounded out to green pumpkin status, and it was clearly not the spaghetti squash that the seed packet said it would be.  When we roasted it, the innards were somewhat spaghetti-like though.  Hmm.  Color me perplexed.  Our best guess is a “kabocha” or Japanese pumpkin.

 This is what it looked like when it came out of the garden:

IMG_20140701_085242_148This is what it looked like cut in half during our beach week evacuation:

???????????????????????????????????????????????????This is the recipe we used from Alton Brown: recipe!  The recipe is in fact intended for butternut squash, which we feel certain this is not.  We do, however, feel certain that it’s part of the squash family.  Alton’s squash soup was a huge hit with Scott and with me, regardless of the squash we used.  I think it would be even more flavorful with butternut squash. 

I was kind of scared about using a relatively large amount of honey in the soup (since honey isn’t my favorite flavor in the world), but it was delicious and savory and just right.  Best of all, when it was added to a summery salad, it made a much more appropriate hot-weather dinner than you might guess.  (Soup in the summer?  Sure, why not?!)

Someday I’ll get around to the actual beach week and evacuation and all of that fun stuff.  But for today, it’s squash soup. 

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