Frank Friday

Sometimes I post a bunch of things about delicious food and pretty flowers and tasty cocktails, and I think, “This is not my life.”  Sure, I ate those foods and have beautiful flowers in the yard/house, but is it really a representative sample?  So to honor the “representative sample” concept, it’s Frank Friday.

For starters, we have an incontinent coffeemaker.

coffee oopsI clean it up in the evening, and it greets me almost every day with a sad little coffee puddle.  Poor coffeemaker.  It has good days and bad days, but mostly bad days.

Second, I’m not great at cleaning floors.  This week, for example, Scott started fixing the trim around our newly opened up great room.  (The crowd rejoices!!!)

rubbleInstead of getting the broom or vacuum out, I went for some protective footwear.  (In this case, protective footwear is called a flip flop, because how much protection do you really need from a few drywall particles?)  I know I should care about the state of the floors, but I really don’t.  I just feel guilty about not caring.  Not quite the same as caring.

Last but not least, it’s almost time for a warm holiday weekend, and I did promise franks.

photo by Paul Sirisalee
photo by Paul Sirisalee

While I have not tried this version of the classic summer hot dog, I can pretty much guarantee I would love it.  It’s from Real Simple, and you basically just throw some marinara sauce, fresh mozzarella, and fresh basil on top of a plain old hot dog.  I might even switch out the marinara  for a few tomato slices (or put them both on the dog… oooh, aaah) and call it perfection.

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