Weekend Update: Memorial Day 2014

We got to visit our old hometown this past weekend, which was pretty fantastic.  I mean really.  There was the perfect mix of sunny weather, good food, favorite people, and general relaxation. 

But don’t let me get ahead of myself.  First, I gazed at our peonies for a while.  They’re still happy, so I’m sharing them with friends whenever possible.  (This picture is for you, Mom.)

ImageHave I mentioned how much I love our peonies?  We also have a few kinds of roses and lilies blooming, but these peonies are my favorite thing outside by a long shot.  Roses?  What roses?

I’m happy to report that the next major event on the weekend update involved getting some sun for that super pale wrist in the picture above.  That wrist needs some vitamin d! The vitamin d infusion was followed by eating from 12-6 on Sunday at a friend’s annual fund-raising party (known as the Brew-B-Que because it centers around delicious pork barbecue and delicious homebrew beer).  What holiday weekend would be complete without six hours of non-stop eating?  So my wrist is both tanner and perhaps just a tiny bit wider.

Then there was biking and the duck.  What duck?  This duck:

photo from HamptonRoads.com, taken by Vicki Cronis-Nohe of The Virginian-Pilot

Our friends encouraged us to check out the giant art in the water by Norfolk’s main art museum, so we did.  Turns out that looking at a giant rubber ducky-like piece of art is something that makes people feel festive.  There were a ton of people there on the duck’s last full day, and I liked it.  All of it.  I liked the bustle outside of a normally quiet museum.  I liked the bike ride through town (which was mildly adventurous for me, since my biking skills are mediocre at best).  I liked the general feel of holiday that was floating around in the air.  And who can be upset about a giant rubber ducky in the water?  Not this girl, that’s for sure.  I also like this article about the dismantling of the giant duck.

And last but not least, on the way home, Scott and I witnessed this cuteness a few times:

ImagePeanut decided that the very best place to rest his weary head was the cardboard box next to him.  Not the soft car seat, but the cardboard box.  Silly dog.

And thus we arrived home.

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