Rainy Days and Comfort Food

If my birthday dinner theme was butter, today’s overall theme is a terrified dog at home.  Poor terrified dog.  Peanut doesn’t like rainy days.  I’ve tried to tell him that the house will keep him safe (99% of the time), but I think that 1% chance of the house flying away in a storm causes severe dog shakes.  It’s a safe bet that he’s sitting in this position right now:

photo from 67notout.com

What’s a dog to do during epic storms?  Well, in a perfect world, I think Peanut would eat steak during a storm.  He got his very own steak bite during birthday dinner, and he looked pretty darn happy/content/safe.  Who wouldn’t be content with steak and butter on the mind?

Steak bites are a mystery to me.  They’re tiny pieces of steak, so they should probably be tough and over-cooked, but they’re not.  If you follow The Pioneer Woman’s instructions, they’re perfect.  They’re a good way to eat steak relatively inexpensively ($7 for Scott and for me, with leftovers to boot), and they just about melt in your mouth. 

photo from thepioneerwoman.com

Salt + pepper + butter + steak = simple perfection.

Unfortunately for Peanut, we’re fresh out of steak at home.  I’ll see if a dog treat and some belly rubs can substitute for the comfort factor of a well-cooked steak.  Fingers crossed.

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