Chipotle Chicken Chili (Even for Non-chilly Days)

I’ve read that chili is supposed to be a cool weather food, which makes sense.  It is warm and hearty and whatnot.  But for some reason, I like chili all year long.  Not just any chili though, good chili.  I like Giada’s California Turkey Chili (complete with quinoa as a side dish).  And this chipotle chicken version from Ree Drummond is one of my current favorites.  It goes over well with Scott, too. 

recipe from, photo from

Okay, so maybe a chili that uses beer as a liquid base instead of chicken broth isn’t the healthiest option available.  Just try it though.  It’s tasty.  It was our Seis de Mayo celebratory dinner.  I know that’s not a real thing, except that I forgot to prepare properly for Cinco de Mayo, so we celebrated on the sixth and the seventh instead.  People who are forgetful/behind schedule get double celebrations.  That’s today’s bad lesson for America’s youth.   

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  1. spasture says:

    Thanks for the recipe. I too like chili all year long. In fact, we’re having chili every day during 2014.

    1. Every day? Wow. That’s a huge commitment to chili! I hope it’s a tasty year for you.

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