Family Introductions

I am proud to present the newest member of my extended family–Pearl.  You can think of her as Purrl if you like.  My parents are good at alternate spellings for pet names.  One of our other pets came prenamed as “Elmo,” which quickly became “Elmeaux”… good Cajun cat.

ImagePearl was rescued from a hiding spot under my parents’ guest house.  She probably would have been left to her own devices, but every time Mom or Dad found themselves in her vicinity, Pearl would come out to be petted.  Her friendliness won her a trip to the vet and a permanent plan for food and water.  Good for Pearl! 

Our family has always leaned heavily towards dogs as pets instead of cats, but the loss of a great family dog left a vacancy in the family pet collection. 

ImageLook at that good old friend face!  That sweet dog left a pretty big empty spot.  Enter Pearl, who needs some love. I think everyone is going to win–parents who needed a new furry friend (and bonus–a mouser), cat who needed someone to pet her regularly.  Everyone is happy except for the other dog of the house, whose attitude towards Pearl has yet to be determined.  Since he’s afraid of stairs and me every single time I visit, I think the cat will be very safe.

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  1. d H kiesewetter says:

    You used to reject the notion of pets as bona fide family members. Great progress!

    Dingane picture does tug at the heart strings!

    1. Yeah, Dinger was a very good dog. You can thank Peanut for my revised opinions about pets as family members. He’s very persuasive.

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