Forest Presents and Stuff

Scott asked if I wanted a present from the forest the other night, and I nervously said yes.  I didn’t really know what a forest present would look like.  Nice dirt for my potted plants (that’s our source of “potting soil” these days… works pretty well)?  A dead critter exhibit?  (Peanut has been tracking down moles in our yard for some time.  Maybe he finally found one.)  I had no idea.  But then I got these: ImageOkay, a couple of them were from our yard the other day, but I added the forest presents to the mix.  Turns out that dogwoods do exceptionally well as cut flowers.

ImageAlso, I like forest presents much more than I thought I would.  And my husband is nice.  And because I procrastinated until the very last instant, it’s now time for me to make a grocery list in the remaining 16 minutes of my lunch break.


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