Office Animals

It’s a daily dream of mine that someday Peanut will be able to come to work with me.  I had a baby gate for him at some point (haven’t seen it in a while), and I could just put that up in my office doorway and sneak into the office for a Peanut cuddle or two between conversations with library patrons. 

Better yet, he could be a roving librarian assistant.  Now that would be fantastic.  We could strap a walkie talkie to his back and send him around the library with a sign that says, “Use my walkie talkie if you need help.”  Obviously, the other walkie talkie would be at the reference desk.  Peanut is wonderful, but he doesn’t know the Dewey Decimal System very well, and his message-relaying skills aren’t quite up to the Lassie standard.

Think about how many people you would bring happiness to with a cute roving dog at the library.  Peanut might be easily bribed into staying with one patron, however.  Or he could follow someone out of the library if they gave him a good head scratch.  There are potential problems in the plan.  It’s a nice idea.  (I think about extra time with my dog way too much.  But if you think about it, my  husband is usually at work when I am, so he isn’t going to be able to just come hang out with me all day.  My dog is just sitting at home napping and looking out the window.  He could get that done here with me.)

Imagine my happiness when I recently ran across this blurb about 19 kinds of colleagues, complete with pictures of animals at computers.  All of my wildest dreams got a tiny bit closer to reality.  So many office dogs.

Unfortunately, I think I’m the “Smelly Desk Lunch Eater.”  Oh well.  It could be worse.  This puppy is pretty cute, even if he/she doesn’t respond to email:

photo from



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  1. Betty Kiesewetter says:

    Darlin–if you delete, think what you might be missing!!!!!

    Much love,


    1. Sorry about the confusion. I don’t delete people’s emails without answering/reading! I just like that puppy a lot more than some of the other pictures you can find through the link I included. It’s a cute puppy, right?

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