Becoming a Yogi

Okay, so maybe “yogi” is an exaggeration (the interwebs told me that a yogi is someone who is proficient at yoga), but I did start doing yoga with some free online videos in the past month.

photo from, my favorite kind of Yogi

Scott is always trying to figure out how we can work out together in ways that we’ll both enjoy.  Since I don’t like working out all that much these days, it’s a pretty big challenge for Scott.  Poor Scott.  His wife just wants to be a bump on a log when she’s at home. 

We’ve tried running together (nope, I like running more on my own and not much at all these days).  I don’t have a bike, so that’s out.  We’re too cheap to join a gym, and it isn’t really the right weather for hiking or playing tennis.  Plus, it takes a lot of time to get ready, get to a hiking/tennis spot, and make a workout happen.  In his desperation, Scott got creative with his suggestions. 

What was next after exhausting our more standard ideas?  Yoga.  It turns out that yoga is just ridiculous enough (for a beginner) to make me giggle as I struggle.  Not an easy thing to do.  Thanks to Tara Stiles, YouTube, and our Xbox, it’s pretty easy to work in 20 minutes of yoga while dinner bakes or simmers or whatever it does before it’s done.  

Why am I writing about this today?  Well, we got more adventurous last night with our Tara Stiles YouTube selection, and we went with a workout called “Hard Poses Made Easy: Intermediate Yoga.”  I should have known better.  I struggle with the super beginning stuff.  But you never have an adventure if you always stick to things you know how to do, so we tried it.

This is one of the things we were supposed to achieve during the video:

photo from

What?!  Imagine your friendly (and clumsy) neighborhood librarian trying that out for the first time after about 4 total yoga sessions.  Right.  It did not look like that.  It did make me laugh though, and the other poses made me laugh, too.  I halfway accomplished a few things, so it wasn’t a total waste of time.  Mostly, it was just really funny.  And congrats to yoga folks who can actually do that!  Color me impressed.

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