Enjoying Everyday

In my Thursday morning time off, I had a strong urge to sit.  Just sit.  Oh, sure, I also wanted to watch Downton Abbey again (so glad it’s back!).  But mostly, I wanted to be stationary.

Thank goodness, I drank so much coffee that it eventually catapulted me off of the couch and towards the dirty dishes.  Now, with one load of laundry folded and put away, another load in the washing machine, clothes picked for work, the kitchen cleaned, and the dishes done, I can sit for a few minutes.  And now it’s happy sitting, not disheartened sitting.  There’s a big difference.

My favorite Scott flannel, clean and folded.

I don’t think I figured out any magic to getting things done in my off time, but I do know it all started with getting off of the couch.  Unfortunately, there’s this adorable warm dog who practically lives on the couch.  He’s like a magnet of cute, pulling me towards the couch of stationary being.  Oh well.  Today, I pulled off a victory against the cute.  Mwah ha ha.
The pull of the cute is so strong!

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