A Day

You know that one day when you were supposed to get into work early, so you wrote yourself a note to do just that?  But your note to yourself was at work, so of course you didn’t remember that when you got home.  It’s unseasonably cold on this particular day, and your car wasn’t in the garage (because the other car that normally lives outside needed the garage more, and that’s okay).  No big deal, but your car has ice all over the windshield, you don’t have an ice scraper in the car, and your best idea in a pinch is to drive halfway to work with the window open and your head out the window.  It’s 15 degrees.  Hey, you can see the road, and all is well.

You get to work exactly on time, not a minute early, and then you remember that there’s a staff meeting that was supposed to start at exactly that time.  But the staff meeting is wrapping up a big topic already, and you’re walking in late even though every other person made it on time. 

Then the internet isn’t working right and your databases are down, and you’re teaching a class so you can’t really help with that situation.  And then the classroom gets so hot.  So hot!  Since it’s freezing outside today, you wore a sweater and tights and boots and wool socks.  And you’re sweating through said sweater and socks.  (I may have forgotten to mention that even though you’re okay at it, you hate public speaking and might sweat copiously even if the room were freezing.)

Finally, the class is taught, and you get to go to lunch.  Yay!  A chance to breath!  But you brought soup for lunch.  And you can’t stop sweating.  But you’re hungry.  But you’re sweating.  (Hunger wins, in case you were unsure.)

Well, that was my morning.  And here we are.  I’m trying to chow down on some delicious, piping hot soup.  I also have my lunchbox freezer pack balanced on top of my knees to help with the temperature situation.  I think it’s working.

Today is a day I wish I could restart.  I wish I could remember things and be early when I need to be early.  I wish my body was better at temperature control in stressful situations.  But you know what?  I like my job a lot, and I’m usually on time, and the class went fine despite my copious sweating.  People are nice, and no one commented on my mild tardiness, my sweat, or the panic in my heart.  Here we are at the start of the afternoon, and everything has calmed down.  I am wholeheartedly relieved.

Also, last night was calm and totally non-disastrous.  We ate The Pioneer Woman’s beef fajitas, and they were delicious and mostly healthy (without sour cream and with a very small serving of cheese, it becomes a mostly meat and veggie dinner). 

ImageHer marinade is really wonderful.  Thanks, PW!  Your food can turn “calm and totally non-disastrous” into something better.

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  1. Marj says:

    The fajitas look yummy…..and is well-deserved after such a trying day!

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