Acorn Squash Stuffed with Chorizo and Other Tasty Things

Yes, the stuffed squash passed the test last night at dinner.  While I was making it, I realized that I’ve cooked a whole ton of stuffed things lately.  There were stuffed pasta shells, stuffed squash, stuffed apples (that weren’t actually stuffed), stuffed chicken, and that might be it.  But that’s a lot.

Why so many stuffed foods?  Well, the stuffed foods that I picked tend to include all of my desired food types in one neat, flavorful spot.  They are usually vegetables (or fruit, or every once in a while pasta) stuffed with meat and something bready and maybe some cheese.  What else do you need?  I love it when I can make one dish that just about covers everything.  And compared to a pasta dish that contains the same ingredients, I think the ratio of ingredients is better.  It’s usually a pretty even split between meat, vegetable, and starch.

Last night’s dinner proved to be worth all 40 minutes, even if I didn’t want to get off of the couch to make it.  We had chorizo-stuffed acorn squash from Real Simple.

photo by Jose Picayo

I was kind of dreading the cutting and de-seeding of the squash, because that can be a bear with spaghetti squash.  I’m happy to report that acorn squash is easier to work with.  And the stuffed innards were delicious.  I might have tripled the chorizo content in the recipe.  And I used wheat berries instead of bulgur.  And the chorizo was “fresh,” not cured.  And I might have completely changed the recipe.  Oops.  There were other minor adjustments due to a total lack of measuring.  It worked though, and I can also attest that this is just as delicious out of a microwave the next day.

Tonight is leftover night, so there will be more microwave action in my future.  I can’t wait!

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