Oh, Martha

Martha Stewart sometimes gives me suggestions.  She’s cool like that (and maybe she suggests things to me via her website).  Yesterday’s suggestion was about how we should prepare for Thanksgiving, complete with a very comprehensive timeline.  Thanks, Martha!  

I’m a little bit confused by her suggestion this time, however.  Martha thinks we should have set the table for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday.  Which leads me to the question, where are we supposed to eat our meals between the 22nd and the 28th?  Martha, you so silly.

photo from maisonboheme.blogspot.com

She did help me find a good-looking gluten-free pie crust recipe, however.  Someone [cough*Scott] won’t let me make the pecan pie gluten-free, because we haven’t tried the crust recipe yet.  I guess it would be a shame to kill two pies, so we’ll just experiment with the raspberry linzertorte.

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