Chicken and ‘Maters (and Havarti with Dill)

Today’s menu offering is a good Monday Night Special. It’s quick, simple, and the Havarti with dill is fancy enough to make Monday a little bit shinier (or any night, for that matter).

Yesterday was a pretty full day, which ended with a grocery store run, and some frustrating cabinet work. Those dern hinges are trying to kill us. Scott took a shot at them last night, after I gave up. Now it’s back to me for the last two adjustments today.

So back to dinner. There we were, frustrated by DIY projects and in need of some tasty food, stat. Chicken to the rescue.  This recipe is from my 2011-ish go-to cookbook: Real Simple’s Dinner Tonight: Done!

photo by Christopher Baker
photo by Christopher Baker

This isn’t my very favorite chicken recipe ever, but the Havarti with dill does jump it up the list above a bunch of other options.  I’ll tell you a secret.  Some of the cheese inevitably oozes out the side of the chicken while you’re cooking it in the pan, and it sizzles and browns on the pan.  My favorite thing about this recipe is the browned cheese on the pan.  Poor Scott doesn’t ever get to eat the sizzling cheese.  He just gets the official version with chicken and gooey cheese inside.  But it’s the crispy cheese that keeps me coming back.

Oh, and the tomatoes with pepperoncini and such are really nice and fresh to balance out the heavier chicken and cheese combo.

And now, I’m going to try to tackle those cabinet doors before Scott gets home.  Four hours and two doors?  Should be a cinch.  But that’s what I said about putting the doors up in the first place, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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