Dinner in Disguise

Some of my favorite recipes are ones that are really healthy while masquerading as decadent.  This salmon that we’ve enjoyed several times is on that list.  It’s just quick-cooking salmon and green beans (we usually use frozen both, since they’re cheaper that way).  That’s it.  Throw on some salt and pepper and a tiny bit of butter/oil to cook the salmon in.

Oh, and there are the magic ingredients that you put on top.  Don’t forget the magic.  After you cook the salmon, you empty the pan, throw in some extra butter and some sliced almonds, and let them brown up a bit.  Then you add some capers and pour it all on top of the beans and salmon.  There’s so much flavor packed into that sauce, and it makes the rest of the meal taste fancy and special and not at all like it took 10 minutes to cook.  Really.  The recipe says it takes 20 minutes, and this might be the only recipe in all of recipekind that I can cook more quickly than it says.  Oooh, aaah.

Beware though.  I forgot to put the buttered almond caper goodness on top when I packaged up leftovers, and it was sadly healthy and non-fancy tasting.

photo from Real Simple
photo from Real Simple
If you want the recipe to err on the side of health a little bit more, you can just edit down the butter quantity in the sauce.  If you want it to be extra saucy, throw in some extra butter and toppings.  I love how easy it is.

[You know what is proving not easy?  Screwing cabinet doors onto cabinet bases with a simple screwdriver and new hinges that I might not have completely mastered.  But that’s okay.  I’m going to attack them with a power drill today.  And I’m going to finish a book and paint a watercolor and conquer the world. Or most of those things.]

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  1. Abigail says:

    I can’t wait to see the finished renovations! I also have enjoyed Young House Love and have no clue how they finish everything so fast. When you’re major projects are complete, we will need to bring Amalie over so you can meet her and we can oooo ahhhh over all your fantastic work! And I will bring a yummy recipe, too. One that utilizes the vegetables of the season so we can taste your delicious gardening skills 🙂

    1. We would love a visit! Unfortunately, it might be a few months before our floors are trough-less (and baby safe?). But we can either watch Amalie like a hawk (4 hawks, even better) or look forward to a visit in 2014. 🙂

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