Epic Failsday

Yesterday didn’t go so well.  It started with what was supposed to be a simple errand run.  I went in search of some car parts, complete with greasy old parts in hand.  Two hours and three car parts stores later, success.  Then I needed to get my car’s annual inspection for the state of VA.  

Fail.  (My poor car failed, that is.)  You might think I would be super upset about this, but I think I took it pretty well in stride.  After all, my car failed the inspection once before.  I didn’t take it as well last time.  This time, we kind of knew about the problem, and we can fix it, and it’ll be fine.  Still, it’s a little bit sad to spend all that time “running errands” only to end up with greasy hands, almost six hours of time lost, and a “Rejected” sticker on the front windshield of my car.  

Don’t worry, I partially turned things around with a hot dog and fries from Five Guys.  Love some Five Guys!

And speaking of things that aren’t healthy, we had an interesting dinner the other night.  I decided to try my hand at orange chicken (you know, the Chinese restaurant kind of orange chicken).  Turns out it’s kind of like fried chicken with fancy sauce.  Kind of.  

photo (and recipe) from cookingclassy.com

The negatives are that the recipe doesn’t include any vegetables at all (except for the scallions on top), which isn’t really our style, and the house did smell like frying oil for at least two days after the cooking festivities.  The pluses are that it was tasty, and it was tasty.  I would definitely recommend this recipe if you’re craving some Chinese food and don’t have any readily available nearby.  Or if you’re feeling adventurous.  I don’t think it’ll be making regular appearances at our house, however.  The Pioneer Woman’s Beef with Snow Peas gets me the same adventurous feeling with less oil and more veggies.

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