Squirrely Laughs

Yesterday, I was minding my own business, looking up recipes for the week, when a squirrel jumped onto the window sill of our kitchen window.  

I tried taking a picture from across the room, because I figured the squirrel would bolt if I got closer.  It was a terrible picture, so I inched my way across the room.  Instead of running away to the woods, the squirrel scratched on the window and stared at me for what seemed like a really long time.  A really really long time.


Hey, buddy!

The sad thing is that even with a squirrel literally scratching his way into our house, Peanut sat on the couch, totally oblivious.  Not the best watch dog, I guess.

In honor of the our new squirrel friend, I thought I would share some other animals that make me laugh.


That one makes me laugh AND miss Myth Busters.

photo from tumblr.tastefullyoffensive.com

Peanut often gives me that look, as he crunches away on some unknown food.  If he isn’t good as a watch dog, he’s darn good entertainment.

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