Weekend Update: Sanding and Classic TV

We had a stupendous weekend despite rainy day yuck.  Sure, the highlight was hanging out with friends and such, but the weekend also included some impressive progress on the kitchen project.  We sanded almost all of our kitchen cabinet doors.  (Yay!)  

Why not all?  Well, we sanded until the sander broke and we ran out of old-school sandpaper.  Fortunately, that got us at least 90% of the way through the project.  Even in their unfinished state, I like the doors so much more than when they were decked out in their finest 70’s shine.


I think that with a few careful coats of white paint, they’re going to be totally transformed.  The sad thing is that now that they’re all sanded down, I like the feel of the bare wood.  Bare wood cabinets with the outline of an old piece of trim?  Hmm.  We’ll probably continue with the paint plan.

We also passed a different small milestone this weekend.  Scott and I have two regularly scheduled programs when it comes to our DVD player–The Cosby Show for me, MacGyver for Scott.  I mean, we watch them together, but those are our favorites.  And as of this weekend, we’ve finished the first season of both.  Oooh, aaah.  

It made me sad when I realized that at this pace, we’ll finish all 7 seasons of MacGyver around our 15th or 16th wedding anniversary.  Maybe we’ll hit a hot streak of DVD time before then and pick up the pace.  

You know what makes me happy though?  This picture:

photo from cuteoverload.com


That goat smile makes me forget all about anything but furry sweethearts.  Oh, I know it isn’t a very serious thing, but it sure is cute.  The website name doesn’t lie.

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  1. Marj says:

    I know this is a hard job, once you are using brute strength with the sand paper, but, it will be well worth it in the end. After they are painted you will feel a sense of satisfaction whenever you enter the kitchen.

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