The Second Law of Thermodynamics

Welcome to the quiz version of the blog.  Let’s get started!

Q1.  Does all matter tend towards disorder?
A1.  In our house, definitely.  True, we’re in the middle of some relatively major kitchen projects at the moment. It still seems like this picture is too representative:

All of the glorious details.
All of the glorious details.

Q2.  Want to see more?
A2.  (You don’t have a choice unless you want to stop reading.  Mwah ha ha.)
The big picture.

There are perks to the mess.  For example, tonight is the night I have to/get to take everything out of the cabinet bases for sanding.  The perk certainly isn’t the mess on the counter and through guest bedrooms.  The bonus is that you get to put everything back in better order than when you started.

Q3.  Last but not least, do you know what smells worse than burned Korean food fresh off of the stove?
A3.  Reheated burned Korean food fresh from the microwave.  It’s way worse.  It’s also proof that not all dinners are a success and that my husband is too nice to badmouth a failed dinner.  Only one more serving until the leftovers are gone.  Whew.

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  1. willardscott says:

    Good science reference. Way to name my favorite law of thermodynamics and use it properly. And, the amount of energy we put back into the system (kitchen) will leave it more ordered than before.

    Also, I take the Phil Robertson approach to dinner ratings. If it’s not great, I’ll tell you.

    1. I was kind of nervous about using science speak, knowing that at least one reader would know the second law of thermodynamics in way more depth than I do. Now I can sigh in relief that I got it right. I like your optimism, too.

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