Front Door: Ta Da!

Lowe’s Valspar Courtyard Green

Would I pick exactly the same color on our front door if I could pick again today?  Not sure.  I might go for something slightly bluer or darker or something.

Do I like the color a lot?  Yes!  I like it about 1,000 times more than the deep red color that was on the door before.  And I had to just make a decision without knowing ahead of time if it would be perfect.  So I’m going to call it a success.

Also, I feel strongly that storm doors should be painted the same color as the main door behind them.  If that’s white, so be it.  But when a storm door is white and the door behind it is another color, I feel like it throws off the proportion of the door in relation to the trim around the door and the rest of the house.  It makes the door look miniature, and not in a cute way.

Before, with a white storm door.

I know this sounds stupid, but every time I see a storm door that’s white in front of a colored main door, I want to paint it to match.  That means I’m pretty thrilled that we finally have a storm door that I can paint to match the main door.  I got to take action on my freakishly strong feelings on the matter.  Yay!  I even think the yellowish green makes the brass hardware on the door look more modern.  Happiness all around.

So that’s all on the front door for now.  It’s green, inside and out, and as soon as the living room walls are repainted, too, there will be more interior show and tell.  It might be a while.

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