Pumpkin Spice-Filled Pancakes… Mmm.

The weekend was full of sunshine and warmth and good things. And yet. There was a teeny, tiny part of me that longed for fall, even in the midst of a beautiful weekend.

Lucky for me, a beloved family member sent me a list of pancake recipes on Friday. And there, in the middle of the list, were pumpkin pancakes with all sorts of wonderful spice mixed in.

itty bitty image from BHG.com


The pancakes were exactly what I hoped they would be. They were moist (word I hate, but oh so applicable in this case) and fluffy and pumpkin spicy. With a tiny dab of butter and exactly as much syrup as you prefer (a dot or two for me, a raging river for Scott), they’re a perfect piece of fall. If that isn’t enough reason to make these, they kept us full for a really long time. I ate two pancakes. Only two! That’s unheard of for me, and they kept me full.

Happy fall, y’all.


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