Paintin’ Buddy

Today’s house project is front door painting.  I got discouraged with the kitchen cabinet refinishing project, even though it is moving along (at a snail’s pace).  More on that later.  To counter the discouragement, I decided to tackle a job that would only take a day from start to finish.  

I like the color, even though the first coat is always gross and streaky.  And do you know what the best part of the project is so far, even with the liking of the color and the short timeline to door satisfaction?  Peanut is the best part.  He couldn’t bear the thought of missing out on the fun, so he sat next to me as I painted the front door and the outside of the storm door.  


Those weird green dots are there to highlight Peanut’s badges of honor.  As a good painting buddy, he hit wet paint a few times.  Three times, to be exact (third spot is on his side).  I wasn’t upset about the sticky spots on the dog, the door, or the tiny green dot they reproduced on the couch.  They make the project 100% us, if not 100% perfect.  And I like that.  

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  1. mhratna says:

    So what color is the door? 🙂

    1. Guess you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see. 🙂 (But if you look at the color of the dots, that could be a pretty strong clue.)

      1. mhratna says:

        I’m guessing I have a good idea but am intrigued to see the actual shade and final picture!

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