Sunrise and Making Life Busy

I’m not much of a morning person.  I believe that grumbles were the only thing my parents heard out of me before school as a teenager.  Now in grown-up life, I get up with Scott to help him get ready for the day (pack lunch, make coffee, pour cereal).  I’ve moved a little bit past the grunts of teenagedom, but getting out of bed is still pretty low on my list of favorites.

There is a perk here though.  Thanks to the days getting shorter, we get to watch the sunrise out our dining room window as we munch on our cereal.  This was what we got to see this morning:


That wasn’t even the most dramatic part of the sunrise.  It’s just the part I was able to capture after the cereal and the getting Scott on the road.  And do you want to see the plainest part of the sky?


Still amazing, right?

And speaking of things that make life better, I’ve tried to make a killer to do list today.  There are some things I love about not having a formal job.  I love that when Scott has time off, I can just run off to do whatever we want to do.  Long weekend for him?  Long weekend for me!  I love that I can cook a great dinner (or at least cook what is intended to be a great dinner) every night without being stressed by that.  I love that I have time for errands, dishes, cleaning, unpacking, blogging, and plenty of other things.

What do I not love?  Well, sometimes the free time is more free than I would wish.  Sometimes I miss the structure of working away from home all day and then working at home a bit at night.  Sometimes I miss seeing work friends every day (or any people, actually).  

So today I made the to do list to kill all to do lists.  I’m trying to build extra structure into life, I really really am.  We’ll see how it goes.  And I’m hoping to have a new recipe to share with you soon.  I’ve liked what I made this week, but it hasn’t been anything to write home about.  So I haven’t.  Soon.

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