Peanut: Gentleman and Scholar

Most of the time, I can suppress my oohing and aahing about our dog, Peanut.  Most of the time.  But sometimes, I just can’t take it anymore.  Those adorable brown eyes look up at me from a weird pose on the couch, and I’m sucked into belly rubs and “I love you” rhapsodies.  

This is one of those “sometimes” moments.


Giant sleepy Peanut face!!!


Same dog, same blanket, same couch, different day.


That’s a happy dog, if not an entirely photogenic one.  The wind-blown look is prettier on models than dogs.


He even helps with household projects.  Now that’s a good dog.  (That’s a lawn mower tire tube around his neck, complete with attempted repair tape that shows off his school pride.)


And in the end, it all comes back to that cute face.  Love it.

(“How is he a gentleman and a scholar?” you might ask.  He’s a scholar because he’s with me every day as I research house projects and recipes and other such things.  He’s a more steadfast research assistant than I’ve ever known.  And he’s a gentleman because it’s part of the phrase.  Not because of his immaculate personal hygiene or polite behavior.  Those would be blatant lies.  He is sweet though.)

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