Thank You!

It all started on a busy day in the summer of 2011.  Scott and I were mid-engagement, and after a long day of work, we were opening some wedding presents at my house.  It seemed innocent enough, but it was the first day I forgot to write what we received in my wedding thank you note notebook.  It was a great idea, that thank you note notebook.  It included every piece of information I would need to properly thank people for gifts.

Things kind of spiraled from that one day.  I decided that if I kept all the wedding cards and shipping invoices and wrote down on them exactly what that person gave us, I would be fine.  Turns out, that’s not the most reliable record-keeping method.

Miss Manners told me that I had a year to thank people for wedding gifts in a “timely” manner, so I procrastinated for a while and hoped that a spreadsheet of notes to write would miraculously appear.  Miss Manners shouldn’t have given me such a long deadline.  She should know me better than that by now.  Miss Manners and I have been acquainted for a long time.

Fourteen months after the wedding, I am willing to publicly admit defeat.  The final straw happened a while ago, but I was really hoping for that non-existent spreadsheet.

I tried to get back on the thank you note train a few months ago.  Then I heard from my mom that I had written to her friend twice already (after I had just finished a third thank you note to her and was getting ready to mail it… thought it felt familiar).  And that was that.  Every attempt at organization had failed, and I absolutely don’t know who I’ve thanked and who I’ve left out.

I’m sorry, I really really am.  We use our wedding gifts all the time.  We love them, I just don’t have records that help me finish this thanking task.  It’s as simple as that, and I apologize.  I’m getting better.

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