Pictures of Pictures

Photography is one of my weak points.  I come from a family who forgets to document things, and I proudly carry on that tradition most of the time.

My most representative photographic moment in childhood was when I took a picture of my dad and two of his good friends that he only saw once every several years.  When we developed the film (hello, pre-digital camera story!), it was a lovely picture of three stomachs.  I might have been overzealous with my button pushing.

Fast forward to the present, and I have to somehow muster the skill to represent my artwork clearly and professionally, preferably with a dash of style.  My first shop photos weren’t horrible.  They included pieces of our porch, a Mason jar here and there, and some pleasingly dappled sunlight.

I liked the pictures, but they were inconsistent at best.  Yesterday’s goal was to transform those inconsistent pictures into something more exciting, and I think I might have succeeded.  I’m pretty excited about it.

The beauty of this backdrop is that it’s always going to be a black chalkboard door, and I can put it wherever the sunlight happens to be.  Ye ol’ shop looks more cohesive now, and that makes me smile.

Now I just have to figure out how to A) embroider and B) sort out Christmas card options.  It’s Christmas-making day!  (I realize that Thanksgiving hasn’t happened yet, I’m just trying to get enough of a start on things to allow full enjoyment of December.)

[Do you miss recipes?  Here’s a great one that I tried on Wednesday: Chicken Butternut Tagine.  The leftovers are good, and it’s pretty healthy.  Winning!]

photo by Randy Mayor, from Cooking Light

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