New Stuff!

I had some of my small paintings printed off in larger print formats recently, hoping I could pop them into my Etsy shop and call it a day.  That worked out for one of the three prints, but the other two really needed a little something before I can sell them.  In little tiny format, they’re cute and nice, and I like them.  In larger format, they needed some extra zing.

I did some watercolor zing experimentation last night, and I had two successes (in my opinion).  Witness the zing:

Zing 1

And (check out that freshly painted, beautiful red door in the background):

Zing 2

I will admit that I ruined 3 prints of the same leaf painting.  There are ugly blobs and “oops” moments galore on those pages, but I do like these two, and I think they have a lot more life than their former selves.  Yay!


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