Catching Up

Okay, so I’m a bit behind with ye ol’ blog.  Sorry about that!

What has happened in the past few weeks?  Well, Scott had a birthday, and we celebrated with delicious cake.  It looked like this (after we cut into it and knew it was tasty enough to commemorate):

And the recipe can be found here: White Chocolate Coconut Cake.  Om nom nom.

I painted a few canvases for a friend.  They look like this:

I went on a high school youth group retreat, and the sunset on Saturday night looked like this:

I decided on a favorite house plan for no apparent reason (no plans to build a house in the near future): Perfect Little House .   The first floor plan looks like this:

I went to the family farm in North Carolina for a big celebration with long-lost cousins.  It was great to see some closer family, too (such as these guys):

It was also great to be in the country for a few days.  I rolled up my pants a bit to walk across the yard, because it was farm-like, and the dew would have gotten my pants all wet on the bottom.  Then I left my pants rolled up because I was on a farm, and it felt good.  It looked like this:

And I drove a lot to and from said farm.  For at least 1 second, it looked like this:

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  1. willardscott says:

    You shouldn’t take pictures while driving. You could wreck. That would be sad.

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