That Great Coffee Smell

You know how great it is to walk into a coffee shop and smell delicious coffee roasting?  I love that, especially as the weather starts to cool down and things feel almost fall-ish.

The only sad thing is that my take on the “good coffee smell” changed a lot right after college.  I worked at Borders for three or so months while I was settling into life after college.  I spent two of my months there as a cafe worker, learning how to make espresso drinks and giant pots of drip coffee, and it was for the most part a good experience.

(Side note: the food industry isn’t necessarily a great fit for the extremely clumsy like myself–lots of small burns all over my hands from day to day.  There were lots of other things I enjoyed about that job though.)

The only long-term negative from that job is the coffee smell association thing.  I still get warm fuzzies when I walk into a coffee shop, but if I smell like coffee when I walk out of the shop, I instantly feel gross, like I just finished a long shift at the cafe.  Those shifts usually ended around 11 PM, so getting home from work after that isn’t something I want to relive every time I get a cup of warm coffee.

Hmm.  I think I’ll just have to limit my coffee shop time to 10 minutes or less.  It could work.

Coming soon: pictures of Scott’s birthday cake, stories of said birthday, and lots of other random stuff. 

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