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  1. Mom says:


  2. willardscott says:

    Who is that?

    1. Why, are you jealous? That guy is pretty slick with his icy cold hefeweizen at the top of a mountain and his fancy gifts of diamond jewelry.

  3. Marty says:

    Wow you have time to post things? Scott just posted for the first time in two months. I really hope he has just been lazy and not doing too much of the wedding planning, you have much better taste than he does in pretty much everything.

    1. Oh, he didn’t tell you that he’s planning the wedding all by himself?

      1. Marty says:

        Oh gosh…. Well at least he picked a good suit. After I get it back for Noor, my tailor, i think i will look quite good. Noor replaced Ibo I think tailors with ridiculous foreign sounding names are probably the best tailors around

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