My Mind is a Mysterious Place

So it’s a week and a day before wedding day (yay!), and Hurricane Irene is trying to make that last weekend of singleness as exciting as possible.  Or terrifying.  One of the two. 

My house is stocked with lots of water and roughly a metric ton of nonperishable snack food (Cliff bars, Odwalla bars, stuff I’m usually too cheap to buy for snacks).  Most of my neighbors are planning to stay and tough out the storm.  All in all, it’s shaping up to be quite the neighborhood bonding experience. 

And what was I thinking about this morning as I headed off to work in beautiful sunshine and rumors of evacuation?  I was scrambling to find the spoon I took from the drawer at work last week and keep forgetting to return.

Yes, in the midst of wedding plans and natural disasters, I wanted to return the spoon I borrowed.  And that, my friends, is ever so slightly insane.  I’m pretty sure nobody even missed that spoon, much less would blame me for having it at my house in the middle of a natural disaster.

But rest easy this weekend, because the spoon did make it back to its spoon home in my office kitchen area.  Whew.  Now all I have to do is hunker down with Scott, Peanut, and maybe a good book.  I have wanted to read more lately.

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