Do the Dougie

Sorry about the huge break between posts. I have actual writing to do–lots of it. Until then, I have a YouTube gem for you.

Scott and I were talking about the dance portion of our wedding reception, and we somehow got around to talking about the Dougie. It’s applicable, since there are a couple of men in my immediate family with that name. Anyway, we couldn’t really figure out what the Dougie was between the two of us, so YouTube to the rescue.

I don’t even like thinking back to the days when questions like, “What is the Dougie?” would haunt me for hours before I would remember the question while I was also near a computer. Love you, iPhone. Anyway, this is what YouTube showed me:

Pretty awesome, right? I particularly enjoy the legit commentary with the awkward skinny jeans and the… tails? I think they have tails attached to their hips. The fact that I’m not sure what those things are shows you exactly how (not) cool I am.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Mom says:

    How would you show off the hip and leg action under a full length wedding gown?……..Hmmm…

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