Sometimes there are days when it feels like not much is happening.  I struggle to know what to write about because it’s a battle between the cute thing my dog did (again) or waking up late (always) or wishing I had more time (also always).  Then there are other times when there’s so much going on that I have no idea what to share with you.  I obviously shouldn’t be blogging, right?

This part of life definitely falls into the second category.  Engagement brings with it lists upon lists of things to do.  Fortunately, it seems like the one step at a time thing will serve me well.  Right now we’re working on finalizing a venue choice.

Back to the blogging dilemma for a moment.  On top of those piles of to do lists, there are also weekends with new friends, youth group events that include jello and giant painted Goliath targets, and lessons in driving a standard car.  Like I said, too much good material.  All of that to say that I promise I’ll make my way through the jumbled mess that is my brain in the very near future, and I’ll blog consistently again.  Someday soon.  Tomorrow?

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