HGTV Morale Boost

I did get my sick day after all.  Sometimes feeling lousy is okay.  It’s much better when you’re at home than when you’re at work, anyway.

As far as sick days go, yesterday was pretty awesome.  I slept about 6 hours more than I normally do, and I spent plenty of time being awake and lazy, too.  Part of the awake and lazy time included HGTV, one of my favorite daytime TV options.  (Think about it, how many daytime TV options do you really enjoy?  The pickings are slim.)

If all that sleep wasn’t enough to make me feel better, I also got some reassurance from my friends at HGTV.  Lots of their shows focus on the process of buying and selling homes and fixing houses up for that process.  I like watching that kind of thing.  It makes me feel like I could be productive in the next half hour if I wanted to be.  Right.  Anyway, they also made me feel better because the shows were focused on selling houses kind of like mine–old, charming, and in need of a few small fixes.  My house is really in great shape, but there are spots here and there that could use some love.

I know it’s TV and they might be lying to me, but those houses were selling for reasonable amounts of money.  People weren’t losing their down payments or crying about losses.  And every time I saw a chipped bath tub paired with an acceptable sale price, I got a little bit happier.  Like I said, I know it’s TV and each community is different.  Still.  It’s nice of them to make me think I’ll be fine when I someday want to sell my house.

[Sigh of possibly-delusional-homeowner-in-a-tough-economy relief.]

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  1. Scott says:

    Sportscenter? The Price is Right? Swamp Loggers? Antiques Road Show? All in the Family reruns? Modern Marvels? We could even go back to high school with the A Team, Knight Rider, and MacGyver. Not on anymore? I have all 144 episodes of MacGyver. American Chopper? Ax Men? World’s Strangest UFO Stories? Mythbusters? There are plenty of daytime shows that adequately compete with HGTV.

    1. Maybe we’ll put Swamp Loggers (and a few of those other shows) on the list of things I’ll gladly watch with you, but wouldn’t really go for on my own. I wouldn’t dare put MacGyver on that list, I just wasn’t adequately prepared with DVD’s at my house.

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