Sick Days Not Taken and Adventurous Laundry Folding

So what’s going on in the small world of libraries and commutes and work days in my neck of the woods?  Well, I was planning a glorious sick day after yesterday’s total dud of a Monday, but then I got dressed for a breakfast meeting (not work-related), and by the time I had consumed 4 cups of coffee at breakfast, I figured I might as well go to work.  It’s kind of nice to make it to work when you were sure the night before that you wouldn’t feel remotely capable of work the next day.

On this very exciting, work-filled Tuesday, I’m looking forward to folding not one or two, but five loads of clean laundry.  I’m also tentatively planning to be an old woman and go to bed crazy early.  Glorious prospect, no?!

photo by Devon Baverman

(People in great places have to do laundry, too.)

So here’s the thing.  Sometimes when I look at my day-to-day activities, I worry about becoming a boring person.  I work a lot, and I find myself folding laundry and washing dishes way more often than I find myself having grand adventures.

Then I remember that sometimes adventures look different than you expect.  Right now, I’m adventuring through friendships and hanging out with teenagers in my youth group and going to work every day.  I like those things.  Every once in a while, I get to have adventures that look like seeing new places and enjoying nature.  If every day looked like that, I would miss out on all of the awesomeness that God put into people and having relationships with them.

For today, I’m going to embrace the not-so-obvious adventure of Tuesday and not worry about it.

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  1. Marty says:

    5 loads? Are you doing your B/F’s Laundry? If you are, I might kill him.

    1. That question deserves a prompt response. No, I’m not doing his laundry. I’ve been doing my own laundry for two or three weeks and then putting it in laundry baskets without folding it.

  2. Marty says:

    Ok that is acceptable.

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