19 Again

As I type this, I’m drinking out of a 2-liter Coke Zero bottle.  You’ll see why that’s relevant in a minute.

I was going to write this long story about my bad eating habits.  Instead, I want to quote something that Scott said last night.  I told him about my dinner as my stomach growled at 10 P.M., and he said, “You eat like a college sophomore.”

I don’t know what made me so happy about that.  It’s just so specific and so true.  Well said, Scott.

During my sophomore year of college, I lived on cafeteria pizza, pop tarts, and doughnuts with the occasional veggie-filled sandwich thrown in.  Now I live on frozen pizza, cereal, store brand Easy Mac, and the occasional delicious, semi-healthy meal.  (I had the best salad ever on Monday night–a huge plate of baby spinach with warm goat cheese, caramelized walnuts, and tomatoes on top.)  Breakfast and lunch today consisted of cold cinnamon raisin bread.

photo by Paix120

What I can say with pride is that I no longer eat like I did in grad school.  There was a Hot Pockets phase around then, which Jim Gaffigan might have shamed me out of ever repeating.  At this point, it’s probably time that I raise the standard from “no more Hot Pockets” to actually cooking real food even if I’m the only one eating it.  Probably.

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  1. Scott says:

    That’s me. Poignant. I’m not sure I even spelled that right. Enjoy your dinner tonight of popcorn and string cheese.

    1. Mmm. Popcorn and string cheese. And you did spell poignant right. It was in our TK study on Sunday, so I had a refresher on that one recently.

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