New Year’s Declarations

I’m not normally one for New Year’s resolutions.  Only a very small group of people actually stick to resolutions, and I’m not in that group.  Knowing that about myself makes resolutions kind of pointless.  There are things I’d like to remember in 2011, however.

The key thing on that list is to look at the big picture.  Sometimes it’s a challenge when you’re a little minion ant to understand what’s going on outside of the ant hill.  Sometimes it’s impossible.  But there are things I can do to keep my eyes alert and my focus broad.

For one thing, I’d like to keep my reading pace up.  GoodReads says I haven’t finished a single book in the month of December.  (What?!)  That’s sort of okay though.  I wanted to read less and enjoy people more this year.  Goal achieved.  Now I just need to avoid a total lack of reading.

My dad’s mom reads until late at night almost every day.  She’s constantly learning and thinking, and even if she can’t remember which books she’s read, you can tell she’s always processing new thoughts.  I’d like to be like that.

Reading consistently keeps my mind not just moving, but moving outside of its own little problems.  When I’m not reading regularly, I tend to get stuck more in my world with dog hair tumbleweed and work issues and giant to do lists.  When I read, I remember the world that I don’t see every day–adventures and problems and solutions that would never touch my life otherwise.  I think reading is awesome, in case you couldn’t tell.

The second and third things I’d like to do are pretty similar to the first.  Getting caught up in the everyday means that I miss out on things I truly love.  In the last year, two of those things were painting and running.

Painting and running sound frivolous, I know, but keeping up with those things means that I’m maintaining some semblance of balance.  Just like reading consistently, those activities allow me to think in different ways and approach life from a more even keel.  They give me perspective and clarity.

So that’s it.  My “resolutions” are more like declarations of things that are important to me and often get neglected.  They are declarations that in 2011, I will remember to refocus every once in a while.  It isn’t going to be a year of doing one thing really well.  I just want to remember to look around more often and evaluate what I need and what the people around me need.  Then I want to do something about it.

Here’s to small change.

photo by CollardGreens

[Cin cin.]


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