Cute Dogs, Sharp Teeth

Today is trying to kick my butt at work.  I’m fighting back with good food during breaks and as much productivity as possible during non-breaks.

When both of those stop being effective, I spend a minute or two looking at cuteness via the conveniently named Cute Overload blog.  This might be my favorite picture at the moment:

photo from Cute Overload

While adorable, this little guy also brings back sad memories from yesterday.  Peanut likes to eat high heels if they’re left unattended, but up until recently he only destroyed shoes that were A) inexpensive and B) uncomfortable.  You can see why I didn’t consider that much of a loss.  Yesterday all of that changed when he went for a pair of nice black boots I’ve owned and loved since 2004.  I guess that’s a normal life expectancy for any pair of shoes, but Peanut still got a stern talking to.  I’m so intimidating.

And now you’ve effectively wasted a minute with me in the middle of this less than accommodating day.  Thanks!  I’ll get back to writing when the rest of life decides to play nice.

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