Adventures with Sharp Objects

Buying a new razor blade shouldn’t be a scary endeavor.  That’s my opinion, anyway.

They stopped making the razor I’ve used for years and years, which threw a kink into my normal grocery shopping routine.  Boo.  I adjusted, buying some nice citrus-colored disposable razors instead.  It was exciting to find an option that isn’t pink or purple.

Thing is, there were a few surprises with those razors.  The first surprise was that the razor handles are scented like citrus.  What?!  Why would you do that?

I would love to sit in on the product development meetings where people decide to try things like scented razor blade handles.  What difference could that possibly make in my life?  Why would I even prefer a scented razor handle to an unscented one?  Then there’s always the chance that you’ll need to hold the razor handle between your teeth for a second (Why?  I don’t remember.) and will feel like you drank perfume.  Not cool, product development people.

The second surprise is the kicker though.  It’s about twenty times easier to cut a giant slice out of your leg with these new, citrus razors.  Goody.  I’m actually afraid to shave my legs now.  I cut into my ankle pretty seriously on Sunday, then I forgot about that and sliced into the exact same spot on Monday.  I won’t forget again, I promise!  The only advantage of losing a significant piece of skin on my ankle is that it helped distract me from the seven or eight smaller cuts on my knees.

Now I’m almost finished with the stupid batch of life-threatening razor blades.  Thank goodness.  I hope my next choice works out better.  I have to say, finding a new shampoo is much more fun.  Also, I apologize if you didn’t want to know about my choice in razor blades.  It’s riveting and not at all personal, I know.  I have big plans to talk about deep-fried food and crashing cars in a future post, so that’s something to look forward to.

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  1. Mom says:

    My history with the same razor mirrors yours except for one additional warning. The new puppy was very attracted to the citrus scent and decided to chew the razor starting with the blade end!!! Not cool. Morseby got lots of pats on the head as I tried to check his mouth for blood. The mouth was unharmed, and the razor got tossed. I’d like to talk to those product development folks, too.

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