Brain Freeze!

You’ve probably been there at some point.  You’re enjoying some delicious [insert cold food here], and all of a sudden it feels like your brain has turned into a block of ice.  It isn’t a great feeling, even though the food consumption is good.

I’ve only ever experienced brain freeze a few times, all of them during the first semester of my freshman year in college.  A friend of mine has this crazy ability to down smoothies in record-breaking time, so we used to have races to see who could finish their smoothie first.  She won every time.  The rest of our group of friends still insisted that someday one of us would win.  So we kept trying.

Looking back on that, we were pretty stupid to keep trying.  It’s not like we had reason to believe we had a chance.  Those were tasty smoothies though, and we had to spend our meal plan money on something before the end of the semester.  Better smoothies than a case of candy bars the day after finals.

In a less painful, more figurative way, I feel like my brain is very much frozen right now.  Or maybe it’s more scattered than frozen.  It’s been thinking about so many different things over the past few days that I’m having a hard time collecting the pieces and putting my brain back into working order.  That’s what I get for enjoying a long weekend (and for napping in my car during lunch).

My brain wants to hang out in this field for a while:


Photo by Cuba Gallery


It isn’t in that field.  That’s a shame.  Hopefully I’ll have the pieces put back together by tomorrow, for your sake and for mine.

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