Thermotaxic Thursday

It’s time to let one of my friends entertain you for a few minutes.  The friend of choice is one of my college roommates.  She’s an engineer who totally breaks the typical engineer mold.  One of those mold-breaking elements is that she loves to write miscellaneous poetry (almost always funny, not usually sappy or hard to interpret… much more to my liking than most poetry), she can paint up a storm, and she makes small, fuzzy creatures for her friends.  She’s pretty darn creative.  This is my most recently received creature:


Creature (L) and Argyle (R) hard at work

Since both of us spend lots and lots of time in front of computers, we’re email buddies these days.  We manage to cover a broad variety of topics by email… spiritual check-ups, rants about whatever happened five minutes ago, e-nudges to keep each other awake during hard days at work.  It’s a good buddy system.

One of the entertaining elements of our e-relationship is Julie’s subject line habit.  She started naming her days a while ago as a part of her to do list motivation.  For a while, the days were named according to goals (can’t remember any examples, but it’s true).  Then the names got funny, and now it’s a mix.  Today’s name, if you hadn’t guessed from the title of this post, is Thermotaxic Thursday.

I think that having thermotaxic issues is a side-effect of living in Texas, where there’s freezing cold air-conditioning inside and it’s almost always sweltering outside.  That’s just my opinion.  The official word on the street is that thermotaxic stuff is related to the regulation of body-temperature in animals.

In the fine city of Houston, you often find yourself hot outside, cold inside, hot outside, cold inside, and so on.  Just like Katy Perry’s man–hot then cold, up then down, very disconcerting in general.

So I hope you’re celebrating Thermotaxic Thursday in your own place of work.  I know I am.  That’s why all librarians look like old people.  It’s not because we’re nerds.  They just try to freeze us out all the time, so we’re forced to wear sweaters that are five sizes too big and don’t belong anywhere in the state of Virginia.  It’s true.

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