When Planets Align and Pants Don’t

Okay, so I don’t really believe in the whole “when the planets align and the world is a perfect place” thing, but it does make me smile when things just seem to work out.

I had such a good Monday, and Tuesday is turning into a winner as well.  Why?  It’s one of those times that the little things that bug you slide away.  That’s my favorite kind of happy, because it’s so much harder to lose.  You can be in a good mood because you ate a great meal, but then you get hungry again in a few hours.  You can be excited about an upcoming event or a really good hair day, but they’re eventually over.  So that’s why this is my favorite.

You can’t mess with the happy if it isn’t about anything in particular.

If you stuck a gun to my head and made me analyze the situation further, I’d say that I am in fact excited about events and such.  I’m excited about signing up for a race in March, about seeing my brother again in a few months, about spending tons of time with friends this past weekend, and about a bunch of much smaller things.  It’s good to be reunited with my dog after a two and a half day absence (ha), and I’m not complaining about the fact that I lost 3 pounds while scarfing down double bacon burgers this weekend.  Love it!

Even though the general glow of life at the moment is linked to solid things, it’s really more about  letting the bad stuff sink into the background.  I need to find a way to do this all the time.  I’d be the most annoyingly perky person you know.  It’d be perfect (for me, that is… not so much for you).

Since I haven’t found that mysterious key yet, I can’t possibly write an entirely happy post.  That wouldn’t be right.  So going back to the double bacon burgers for a second, I will complain just a little bit.  That’s right, I’m a girl, and I’m complaining about losing weight.  Sure, I like to be skinny just as much as the next girl.  What about the pants though?  Why doesn’t anyone talk about the negative impact of losing weight on your wardrobe?!  I’m actually still wearing all of my clothes, but most of my work pants look roughly like this:

Attractive, right?  I thought so.  Since the aforementioned alignment of planets is currently taking place, I’m choosing to ignore the pants situation.  I do think the ugly truth about weight loss should be blown wide open, however.  Who wants to buy new pants when the old ones are perfectly nice looking (except for the fact that it would be super easy to be pantsed in them)?  Not this girl.

Okay, that’s all.  I hope you enjoy the mental image of those pants on your local librarian.  Would it make you more or less likely to ask for help?

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  1. scott says:

    When I lose weight, I just wear them with a tighter belt. Maybe that will help you!

    1. That would work, but lots of girls’ pants (these included) don’t have belt loops at all… or pockets, for that matter.

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