p enjoying the couch

I wouldn’t say that my dog has bad habits exactly.  He just has habits that are sometimes not good.

The habit in question involves bringing one or two of my shoes from wherever they were placed onto the couch.  When they’re slippers, tennis shoes, flip flops or anything like that, he just snuggles up next to them and maybe gives them a good lick or two.  If they are high heels, they’re goners.  I think he thinks they’re super fancy dog bones or something.  The actual shoe portion is just a really good handle to hold while chewing the heel, right?  I choose to believe that he doesn’t know he’s destroying some of my favorite pairs of shoes as he chomps down on stacked wood heels or smooth leather.

I could just put all of my shoes safely in my closet and call it an end to the habit, but it’s just so darn cute when you walk inside and see your favorite fuzzball snuggled up next to your shoe on the couch!  One of my favorite moments was when my flip flops were stacked neatly in front of him on the couch.  They weren’t stacked when I left the house, and I have no idea why he took them both and displayed them so tidily.

peanut and flip flops

Since I can’t bring myself to get upset at Peanut for the shoe thing, I thought I’d share the cuteness with you.  The shoeless picture is actually his best “I know I shouldn’t have taken that heel and put it on the couch, but you left it lying around!” pose.  It’s pretty effective at defraying potential anger.

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  1. Jessica Rice says:

    Hahaha!! I love it! Peanut is just too cute!

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