Two Weeks in Four Thousand Words (or Four Pictures)

There has been mucho mucho kale in our lives lately.  Just not a lot of time to blog.  Alas.

Something I didn’t know about kale until a few weeks ago?  Kale has really sweet yellow flowers when it’s on its way out for the season.  We’ve been eating salads and enjoying yellow flowers has been good light, too.  I know it’s hard to capture in this image, but pretend you’re with me in the last golden light before sunset.  It’s my favorite.  You can see it out there right behind the veggie garden in the distance and on the tops of the there was Tequila Lime Chicken a la The Pioneer Woman.  It’s one of the chicken recipes I get most excited about.  We’re talking weeks in advance.

Ours could have used a bit of green in there somewhere, but it was still pretty perfect with Spanish rice, black beans, and fresh cherry tomatoes.  And some Pepper Jack cheese and plain Greek yogurt, naturally.  Would I use more yogurt if we had more in the fridge?  Yes.  It’s lovely with the zing of the Tequila Lime Chicken.

If that isn’t enough to sell you on this recipe (which is a cinch with one easy marinade and some basic grilling technique), I’ll say that we used some of the extra chicken to make Tequila Lime Nachos for dinner last night.  Double yum. photo-3Last but not least, there was Boston Cream Pie on Sunday.  And you know what?  I think it turned out more or less the way it should have turned out.  It was even prettier than most cakes I yet I didn’t love it.

I pick Texas Sheet Cake every day.  Or even a good coconut cake.  Mmm.  Next time, I’ll stick to the rivers and the lakes that I’m used to.  (Said the girl who’s trying out a new-to-her carrot cake recipe for Mother’s Day.  I’ll never learn.)

And that, my friends, gets you mostly updated on life.  It has involved work and chicken and not quite enough sleep and a realization that sometimes new cake recipes are not better than old cake recipes.  And lots and lots of kale.

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