Well, the gray hair was a sign of things to come.  My eyes were perfectly fine for years and years.  Lots o’ years.

Then all of a sudden, the signs in the library were fuzzy.  And so were street signs.  And people’s faces (when they were a decent distance away).  It was like going from the best kind of HD to a 1950’s TV.  Yep.  I have 1950’s TV eyes.

I decided to go to the eye doctor when it didn’t get better after a couple of months.  And what did I learn?  Well, I have 20/20 vision.  Still.

It seems that I used to have 20/15 vision, and now, this vision that I thought was so terrible turns out to be 20/20.  I thought I was half blind or something, which gives me a real sympathy for anyone with actual vision issues.  (There is a slight astigmatism as well… does that make it more legit?)

I felt kind of stupid about the whole appointment when they told me my vision is 20/20.  I certainly thought that would get me out of the office without any glasses.  But the doctor disagreed, and I’m glad he did.  I got my glasses today, and things are so nice and crisp again.  It’s back to HD for me.  Yay!  There’s even glitter on the inside of my glasses (which I didn’t see when I was picking them, what with the super dilated eyes and whatnot).  So I get HD vision and the perfect combo of tortoiseshell and glitter?  It’s a win.

glassesAnd now I will look like this every day:

photo-1And I can read road signs again.  And life is good.

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  1. D Helff Kiesewetter says:

    very glamorous, but… 20/20… you got your mother’s eyes. dad is blind as a bat

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